About Behr Brewing

Behr Brewing starts in 2010 when Steven fell in love with Catherine. For Christmas that year Catherine gave Steven a home brew kit that would unknowingly change their lives. The first batch of beer they brewed came out great, and they were eager to brew again. The next batch of beer wasn't so great and because of that it set off a chain reaction of learning to figure out how to make the perfect pint.

Throughout the years the love between Catherine and Steven grew and so did their equipment. Building a two tier brew stand and bigger pots with pumps and hoses ment that cleaning bottles in the bathtub was no longer an option and kegging equipment became a necessity. To pour all of this beer a chest freezer was converted into a kegerator and friends and family would enjoy the home made beer during all of the BBQ’s and holiday parties. Looking for like minded homebrewers they were founding members of Cape May Brewers Guild, New Jersey's most southern homebrew club.

After years of brewing Catherine and Steven decided to open a brewery of their own. After a year of writing a business plan, two years to secure financing and purchase the property, and another two years of construction and licensing their dreams finally came to fruition.  Behr Brewing is lovingly named after Catherine Behrens, whose husband now calls her Momma Behr.

Thank you for the massive support from our family and friends. Without you, none of this would be possible.


  • Monday: 1pm - 8pm
  • Tuesday: 1pm - 8pm
  • Wednesday: 1pm - 8pm
  • Thursday: 1pm - 8pm
  • Friday: 12pm - 9pm
  • Saturday: 12pm - 9pm
  • Sunday: 12pm - 7pm


513 Seashore Rd. Cape May, NJ 08204

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